Easy Ways To Memorize Tasks – Personality development video

Easy Ways To Memorize Tasks – Personality development video

Hey! how’s it going?

We are all busy with our daily work, sometimes we may forget to take food as well due to over crowded daily works. It usually happens. But other side there are many tasks which are really important to do. It may relates to your family or it may relates to bill payments or reservations or it relates to your daily needs.

Here i would like to share with you how to memorize the tasks.
1. Snap a photo to remember you later.
2. Use a remainder mobile app. Currently, there are many app’s which are available in the app store. Download it. In the app there are options to create tasks by using the date and time picker. Whenever time came the mobile app will shots notifications to you and it’s easy for you guys to recall the tasks.
3. Maintain a daily and write down all the tasks which you need to do. This option is helps to less internet users.
4. Create a google calendar and specify all your tasks over there and it will shots the notifications wherever you are.
5. Convey your to do task list to your family or your close friends and ask them to reminder your tasks. Some times what happen whenever you forgot, they may call you or they may close to you. So they can remind you they are some tasks which you need to do. It’s crazy but really helps.
6. Monitor your surroundings closely, it may help you to re call the tasks which you forget.
7. Whenever you are going out or whenever you are travelling or whenever you are free, try to recall the tasks which you need to do.

Hope this video may help you a bit. Thanks for watching.

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